Last Night I Dreamed   

                                    Bob Palindrome ©2020 


Last night I dreamed that you broke my heart again 

Yeah, you acted like you loved me then you shifted like the wind 

I guess I should have known what was comin’ ‘round the bend 

When last night I dreamed that you broke my heart again


We were in some familiar place where I have never been 

And people who were strangers in this dream were all our friends 

You acted like you loved me and there had been no end 

And it was so wonderful to be with you again


Then there appeared another, I felt like a mule’s hind end 

When you made it clear to everyone he was more than just a friend 

I should have known you’d act the same in different circumstance 

I just wish that I had woken up before you got the chance

            Pretty Mean 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020


Pretty mean, pretty mean 

Pretty gets you everything 

How will you get on 

When all the pretty’s gone 

And all you got left is mean


I thought you were oh so pretty 

Full of sweetness and charm 

What I didn’t know 

Cause it didn’t show 

Was a mean streak as long as your arm


You just could not be happy 

I worked my fingers to the bone 

What can I do 

There’s no pleasin’ you 

And now all hope is gone


Neglected my dog, kicked my cat 

And you thought I didn’t see 

You gave it no rest 

While I did my best 

Always down on me


Now I’m stuck in your web forever 

For mistakes made long ago 

I try to be free 

It just can’t be 

But it comforts me to know


You’ll be old someday 

And this is what folks will say 

Her smile is a fake 

She’s mean as a snake 

So you best just stay away

Hand Me That Piano 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

I don’t know why you don’t love me like you used to 

I’m still the same guy that you’ve grown so used to 

But I’ve lost my luster and I’ve lost my shine 

Still, you can’t say it’s been from my lack of tryin’ 


For you I’d do anything, I’d give up my life 

I’d dig up the Great Pyramids and I’d kiss the pharoah’s wife 

But that’s not enough so I guess I should go 

So would you hand me that piano


Of all the things I’ve known and loved 

You’re the best thing to have turned out wrong 

Good things come and they go 

I guess forever is just too long


I’m hurt and I’m lost, and if I can’t have you 

There’s only one thing that might see me through 

So if you don’t mind I’ll take my blues to go 

So would you hand me that piano


So that’s it, it’s all over but the cryin’ 

I gave it my best pitch but you ain’t buyin’ 

So, for your last act as I turn to go 

Would you hand me that piano

Back To The Shack   

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

I got a place way back up in the holler 

That my deed says I bought for a dollar 

A perfect place to abscond 

Where you can bathe in the pond 

And live a life of splendid squalor 

Back among the poison ivy and the jewel weed 

You can live like a hill jack, it’s got all that you need 

But I’m stuck in the city and I’m tryin’ to get out 

What the heck am I doin’ when I gotta gotta gotta 


Get back to the shack, back to the shack, back to the shack in the woods


It’s a place for a primal vacation 

And a survivalist education 

It's got all that you need 

If you’re taking the lead 

For the fall of western civilization 

Where you can pee off the stoop 

While you let out a whoop 

It's even got an outhouse with a view 

Where you can lay around and nobody knows 

Or even cares if you’re wearing clothes 


Well, it had to happen on my watch 

It got squatted by a family of Sasquatch 

They ate all my groceries and they burned all my wood 

They even drank all my booze 

They hocked all my tools and they peed in the pond 

Worst of all, they overflowed the outhouse 

So I called ‘em all together and I gave ‘em the news 

I said you gotta go and please… don’t… come…

If I Could Do It All Over 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

If I could do it all over 

What would I do instead 

Would I still fall for those green eyes 

Would I find my way to your bed 


You know, it’s such a dumb question 

Gets dumber as each day goes by 

But time is all that I have now 

So I will give it a try


If I could do it all over 

What would I do instead 

If I could do it all over again 

I’d quit while I was ahead 


No one knows you better than me 

And you can’t say it ain’t so 

Your new love would run away screaming 

If he knew what I know


And after the good times were over 

That’s when I would head for the door 

Cause you only wanted the good times 

Then you wanted no more

            Blue River Blues    

                               Bob Palindrome ©2020 

Streets are kissed 

By the river mist 

A bat flits around the street light 

With me stuck in the mud 

Waiting for the next flood 

And tryin’ to get through the night


I was young 

And I was dumb 

Now troubles, well, I’ve got a boatload 

You see, I bought in 

Now I’m caught up in 

A system more crooked than the Valeene Road 


And someone got shot in Milltown tonight 

I heard the sirens, saw the flashing lights 

When trouble comes to town 

It always finds me 

But this time I won’t let it 

Yeah, I will stay free 

Of those deep, dark, muddy 

Blue River blues


Rob broke his back 

On the railroad track 

What some people won’t do for love 

Jim did himself in 

He let the sheriff in 

When it wasn’t supper cookin’ on the stove


And someone got shot in Milltown tonight 

I heard the sirens, saw the flashing lights 

This time they won’t get me 

Cause I won’t be had 

You know I’ve had ‘em 

And I’ve had ‘em bad 

Just leave me alone 

You Blue River blues


You feel like you’re sinkin’ 

You wanna be drinkin’ 

That’s how you know you got ‘em 

So get with the rhythm 

And learn to live with ‘em 

Cause you ain’t even hit bottom

            Good News 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

Seems I’ve got a lot to talk about 

But no friends to call 

They all seemed to fade in a fog of blues 

And I need some good news 


Another day has come and gone 

Life’s clock ticks away 

It ends with a sigh and a shot of booze 

And I need some good news


Once bad news came and bad news went 

But it never made itself at home 

Life may be hard but you can bet 

That maybe this world is killing me 

But it ain’t killed me yet 


I never dream of days gone by 

I only dream of days to come 

Get up in the morning, jump out of bed and say 

Today, I’ll get some good news 


…I need all the good news that I can get 

Cause this old world is killing me 

But it ain’t killed me yet

Little House 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

Each day along the way of my travels 

I pass by a place that I know well 

As if I could forget it reminds me 

That little house where we used to dwell


I know every nook and every corner 

And every squeaking board that’s in the floor 

Like ghosts, the memories still linger 

In every room and every creaking door 


When we lived there I loved you 

And I thought that you loved me as well 

Now it stands as a painful reminder 

That little house where we used to dwell


I hope those who live there now are happy 

Sometimes I see them in the yard 

Once that was us but no longer 

And seeing that house makes forgetting hard

Maybe Next Monday 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

You said that you loved me 

Then you lost that thrill 

If you don’t want me 

Somebody else will 

I know that someday 

Maybe next Monday 

I’ll be loved again 


You made a mountain 

Of my small hill of flaws 

When you’ve got your own 

I don’t care because 

I know that someday 

Maybe next Monday 

I’ll be loved again


Right now my heart is breakin’ 

My whole world’s been shakin’ 

But there’s one thing that keeps me hangin’ on 

That’s after the goodbyes 

Sure as the sunrise 

That white horse of love will 

Ride over that hill 

Maybe next Monday 

Might even be Sunday 

You know it might even be sooner than that 


So don’t you look back 

Or have any regret 

Cause I’ll be okay 

On that you can bet 

Cause I know that someday, maybe next Monday 

I know that someday, might even be Sunday 

I know that someday, maybe next Monday 

I’ll be loved again 

I know that someday, maybe next Monday 

I’ll be loved again

Losers and Lawyers 

                        Bob Palindrome ©2020 

It felt right and it made sense 

And it all started with a kiss 

And how could we know of the bad days to come 

How did we get from that point to this 

And so we swore and we signed 

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine 



There are no winners 

Just losers and lawyers 

Why can’t we all just get along


I never look at old photographs 

It only serves to make me mad 

And what of the fate of the innocent 

We let ‘em down and that’s what’s really sad 

They say all is fair in love and war 

And you know this ain’t love anymore